A versioning data store for time-variant graph data.

RecallGraph is a versioned-graph data store - it retains all changes that its data (vertices and edges) have gone through to reach their current state.

It supports point-in-time graph traversals, letting the user query any past state of the graph just as easily as the present.

ACID Transactions

All write operations are wrapped in ACID-compliant transactions, so your data is always consistent.


Access all functionality through REST API endpoints. Integrate into any stack. Call the API from anywhere, including servers and browsers.

Recoverable Deletes, Purge, Import and more...

Any data that you delete can always be restored, unless its history is explicitly purged from the database. You can also import your existing non-temporal data and begin tracking revisions from there.


Travel back in time to view individual node/edges states from the past, or run graph traversals or shortest-path queries on historical graph states.

Distributed Tracing Support

RecallGraph is an OpenTracing-compliant service. Plug into your existing distributed tracing infrastructure and get insights and performance metrics OOTB.

Extensive Documentation

Well designed documentation to familiarize you with the core concepts and get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

Do I need RecallGraph?

RecallGraph is a potential fit for scenarios where data is best represented as a network of vertices and edges (i.e., a graph) having the following characteristics:
  1. Both vertices and edges can hold properties in the form of attribute/value pairs (equivalent to JSON objects).
  2. Documents (vertices/edges) mutate within their lifespan (both in their individual attributes/values and in their relations with each other).
  3. Past states of documents are as important as their present, necessitating retention and queryability of their change history.

RecallGraph presented @ ArangoDB Online Meetup

A discussion on RecallGraph's development roadmap

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